Pharma Location Intelligence

Pharma’s business is eminently geographical.

Patients, pharmacies, purchases, prescriptions, healthcare providers, salespeople, visits, events, etc, everything happens somewhere, and all these entities or actions have geography as a common dimension.

Your company certainly has huge amounts of internal and external data available that has a spatial context. But do you use it to your business advantage? Do your sales and marketing teams have access to spatial data and location analytics tools?

Mapidea provides Pharma companies and their professionals with the Location Intelligence tools they need to leverage their data, using geography to be more competitive.

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Show, don’t tell

Location Analytics is mostly visual. Check some Pharma Mapidea videos.

Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance Management

It’s all about Business

Some cases where Location Intelligence is key

GeoMarketing insights

widen your knowledge and visualize each Patient Journey; Segment & Profile your patients and customers by demographic and pathology criteria.

Competition spatial Analysis

gain a new insights on your competitors and visualize their performance in a geographic context  (market share, share of Voice, etc).

Geographic clusters and spatial forecasting models

for each pathology: understand the geographic and temporal evolution of your portfolio.

Spatial Sales Force Effectiveness & Performance

map your team’s performance (with internal or external data, like IMS Health), correlate comercial activities with sales and uncover new opportunities.

Sales Force Management & Optimization

maximize your resources and promotional effort, visualize your performance and cross it with external information.

Widespread access to spatial business information

everyone, at every function and hierarchy level will have direct access to updated spatial business information regarding its responsibilities

Location Intelligence made easy and powerful

Mapidea is the best Location Intelligence tool for your business.

All your people will have access to spatial data and analytics

Ready to use: focus on your business, not servers, IT or paper reports

Affordable. You won't have to ask your boss for extra budget